Molenbeek, Metropolis Culture:

Molenbeek, Metropolis Culture:

A title…

Awarded by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation jointly this year with the COCOF (French Community Commission), the title of “Metropolitan Culture” celebrates every two years and for a year the cultural vitality of a city.

After Liège in 2010 and La Louvière in 2012, is the first winner Molenbeek Brussels commune! Nine other cities were in the running.

Arguably the Molenbeek, supported by local cultural operators, will be the main actors of this edition 2014. Molenbeek also has a socio-cultural fabric outsized with over 200 associations. Our project wants to give a spotlight to all these “broths”!

For Dating!

Build bridges, weave the web, generate new desires, whether through existing and / or new projects doomed to be sustainable initiatives, the Culture Metropolis is committed to find points of convergence and assembly. To create the meeting. The meeting between people, between neighborhoods, between companies and associations, around the canal or other unusual places to discover …

Strong and proud of this title, Molenbeek wants to achieve not only a cultural project, but above all an enriching human experience whose aim is to unite all components of the population. Encouraging the emergence of dialogue and mutual understanding, that is the driving force of this metropolis Culture!